Wira Jantung – Tan Sean Xian

After spending his first two weeks of life in the NICU, Sean Xian was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. He was born with an interrupted aortic arch (IAA), atrial septal defect (ASD) and a ventricular septal defect. IAA is a rare heart condition that occurs when the aorta, the largest artery of the body, does not properly form. ASD and VSD are more commonly known as holes between the chambers of the heart.
After two weeks of being in the NICU, he was transferred to a paediatric cardiology hospital where he underwent major surgery to close the septal defects and to repair his aorta.
Thanks to his treatment, today, Sean Xian is like any other 8 year old boy, very active and a little naughty. While he is smaller in size than his peers and falls sick easily, he has no problems keeping up with his friends and cousins. As he grew older, he began asking why he is the only one with a long scar on his chest, while his friends don’t have any – but nowadays, he is fine with showing his scar to anyone who asks.
Sean Xian tells us that his ambition is to become a policeman. He says: “To make sure all drivers drive carefully & safely. Reckless drivers will be sent to jail.” Until then, he spends his day playing policeman, with his favourite Hot Wheels and robots. #WiraJantung

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