Congenital Heart Surgery for All

Every child has a right to health care.

Congenital Heart Surgery for All is our flagship program that provides funding for surgery and treatment costs for patients with congenital heart disease from underprivileged families in Malaysia.

Through partnerships with cardiac care centres, we are able to expediate life-saving surgeries for selected patients from B40 families at reputable private hospitals in the country.

Not only are we able to provide life-saving care for the people who need it most, our program also allows us to empower the local paediatric heart care systems within the country – for the benefit of all.

Our Roadmap

Our Congenital Heart Surgery for All program aims to accomplish all three pillars in order to offer the best care for all patients.


Central fund for heart surgeries of CHD patients from underprivileged families throughout Malaysia


Collaboration with all congenital heart care centres in Malaysia to facilitate congenital heart surgeries

Ensuring congenital heart care centres are accredited to ensure competency and patient safety


Formation of a congenital heart disease registry to gain an accurate picture of Malaysia’s needs in terms of congenital heart care

A national database for congenital heart disease that allows patients to self-register – subject to verification by attending doctors

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