Wira Jantung – Xiu Thong Yap

“I wasn’t born when she was diagnosed with a heart defect, but her recovery is a testament to the value of life. I’m thankful to be here because of it,”

Xiu Thong Yap is daughter to Ong Geok Moi, who is a #WiraJantung born with a hole in the heart.

Xiu Thong shares that witnessing her mother’s journey changed her perspective on life.

“It taught me resilience, empathy and the importance of health. It made me more appreciative of the little things and more compassionate towards others facing health challenges,”

“I am immensely proud to be her child. She shows me the power of the human spirit,” Xiu Thong shares that she is in deep admiration of her mother’s determination and courage and how it has taught her the importance of staying positive and the strength that can be found in the most difficult circumstances.

Xiu Thong’s message to other Wira Jantung and the public:

Your strength and resilience in the face of CHD inspire us all. Your journey is a testament to the power of determination, hope, and love. We stand with you in your fight, and together, we can raise awareness, promote research, and improve the lives of those affected by CHD. To the public, let’s remember that CHD is more common than we might think, affecting thousands of lives. Let’s educate ourselves about CHD, support those living with it, and work towards a world where everyone with CHD can lead a full and healthy life. Together, we can make a difference, offer hope, and ensure that no one faces CHD alone.

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