Wira Jantung – Jun Hann

A regular antenatal scan early in the womb raised suspicions that Jun Hann’s heart might not be normal. The doctor informed his parents that they suspected Jun Hann’s heart chamber was enlarged.
“My mind was totally blank after knowing that and I felt lost since it was my first pregnancy,” shares Jun Hann’s mother. After seeking a second opinion from another specialist, it was confirmed that Jun Hann had a congenital heart defect.
“Our hearts sank the moment we heard the news. What’s worse was the doctor even asked if we were considering terminating the pregnancy. We didn’t give up and we sought for more and more opinions,”
Jun Hann was born with tricuspid dysplasia and pulmonary atresia, both conditions affecting the valves of the heart. Both heart defects are rare and involve problems with the valves of the heart. They are also considered critical congenital heart defects, and many children with critical CHD will have to undergo surgery before their first birthday.
Jun Hann had his first heart surgery at only his first month of age.Thankfully, the surgery was a success and after that he had to go through physiotherapy for a few more months.
To other parents in the same boat, Jun Hann’s mother shares: “Don’t be afraid to ask around and seek professional opinions. Always put your mental health first so you can handle things wisely,”
Jun Hann still faces some challenges with some speech delay and low self-esteem. However, that doesn’t stop him from being an active five year old child, who won’t stop playing with his trucks and trains. 🚒🚂
We wish Wira Jantung Jun Hann all the best for the future and so he grows up strong and healthy. Thank you for sharing your #WiraJantung story!

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